by Screwtape Studios



Damsel is a fast paced, single player, arcade platformer set in a dark cartoon world with a pumping synth soundtrack! Play as Damsel, a government agent saving the world from well dressed, corporate, vampires. Use Damsel's speed and agility to perfect each run, racking up high scores and combos by pulling off tricky maneuvers in over a dozen environments.


Damsel is the first major game from Screwtape Studios. After releasing several mobile titles, the team decided that bigger screen gaming is where their hearts lie. We set out to create a platformer that would trigger our nostalgia for the classic PC action games we played growing up, and in the process have created something that is at once uniquely our own, but with a visible, comforting, DNA.


  • Super fast, frantic gameplay with that "just one more go!" feel.
  • Quick, nimble platforming in over a dozen environments.
  • Use your enemies and environment to your advantage. Let them take each other out, but don't let their stray bullets hit a hostage!
  • Rack up massive scores and hit the top of the leaderboards by completing bonus challenges and performing tricky moves.
  • Play through the game in either campaign mode, where you can hone your skills, or arcade mode - a classic challenge that sorts the women from the girls.


Screwtape Studios



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