GO423 Games Exhibition Recap

The GO423 games exhibition is an annual event held at Brisbane Powerhouse and is basically Brisbane’s own miniature E3 event. Dozens of local developers get together to show the public what they’ve been working on, all under one roof, and all accompanied by local games media coverage.

Last month’s GO423 was a prime example of how far the region’s game developers have come in a relatively short amount of time. The same event last year had around 15 games on display on the Powerhouse’s Turbine Platform, compared to the 30-ish games at the event this time around. There were so many games that they took over several additional areas of the Powerhouse, including the Graffiti Room and the foyer!

All throughout the day, Zed Games were on hand to interview developers and gain valuable insight into each game’s development process. Gently guiding interviewees in a way that continues the conversation in a nuanced way is an acquired skill that doesn’t come easy to most, but the knowledgeable folk at Zed Games made it look easy for the 8 hours they were on stage.

The games pictured here represent a fraction of those that were on display. Other notable titles include Think of the Children, Damsel, and Hand of Fate 2, which were all showing off console ports that were either recently released or coming in the near future, as well as Fledgling Heroes, Slidey Feet, and the range of Faily games which have been featured in this magazine in the past.

If history is anything to go by, the 2019 GO423 event will somehow be even bigger than this year. We can’t wait! 

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