Some Games That Are Currently In Development

If nothing else, Brisbane Byte is here to champion local developers and the projects they're working on. Here are just a few of the ones currently in development.


Using a rather inventive game mechanic, Paraleap manages to provide a fresh new take on puzzle platformers.

At all times there is an entire platforming level in both the foreground and the background. Your character automatically runs, so the only two buttons needed in the game are jump and switch to the background/foreground.

Originally created for the 40 hour Make-A-Thing game jam at the start of 2017, Paraleap is out now in-browser, on Android, and iOS. It feels like a super simple mix of Fez and Dive Kick. 

An Aspie Life: Beginnings

You may have heard of An Aspie Life, a game that centres on what it’s like to live with aspergers in every-day situations. Well now there’s a DLC in the works called An Aspie Life: Beginnings.

Set 9 years before the events of the base game, Beginnings focuses on living with autism as a young child.

Featuring a full rebuild of all game mechanics and controls, the DLC carries on the same aesthetic and writing that was so unique in the first place.

Brimstone Brawlers

Brimstone Brawlers is a local multiplayer arena game, set in a fantasy Victorian-era world. With a range of colourful and diverse characters who have their own abilities, the gameplay has the variety to keep you excited after numerous matches.

Each map is dynamic in its own way and presents the player with opportunities they won’t get elsewhere. From the Tavern to the Rooftops, and even the deadly Train Station, there is something to look out for around every corner.

Visit the Brimstone Brawlers site for informative dev blogs.


Currently in early access on Steam, Lanterns is a co-operative puzzle platformer where each player uses their colour of lantern to light the way and reveal what lies ahead.

Work together to collect a series of keys in each level that unlock a portal to the next area. Experimentation, timing, and a lot of communication is required to conquer each level.

Lanterns was recently updated to version 0.6.0, adding a bunch of quality of life improvements, as well as the game’s first enemy.

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