Local Gaming News for July, 2018

from the Editor

Can you believe we’re now halfway through 2018? July has snuck up on us in a year full of ups and downs. 

Already we’ve seen games like Damsel and Rev Heads Rally come out, the federal government made it clear where they stood on video games before the state government’s more recent backing of the industry, EB Expo moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne where it’s now merged with PAX AUS, and more gaming-related businesses keep popping up like Free Space VR in the Valley.

Gaming in Brisbane is in a constant state of change but it’s great to see some of the things coming up. 

This month alone we have a bunch of game previews and news that shines a positive light on the bright future ahead of us, so bring on the rest of 2018!

Advance Queensland

In October 2017 the state government’s innovation initiative Advance Queensland announced they would be rolling out their 10 year roadmap.

Last month a 28 page PDF was released detailing the state’s plans for the screen industry, including movies, television, and video games. 

Top priorities for the gaming sector are:

  • Bringing on people in dedicated roles to specifically support gaming in QLD. 
  • Growing Screen Queensland’s sqhub co-working space. 
  • Creating partnerships that aid creators in getting funding or finding other creatives to work on their project.
  • Removing a lot of the red tape currently in place that makes things more difficult than they need to be. 

It remains to be seen what happens if there’s a change in leadership within the government. We all know what happened with the NBN...

Arcade Fire

Woolloongabba’s Pincadia is closed until further notice due to an unfortunate fire incident in their kitchen. 

Thankfully nobody was hurt but all staff have been let go and the recovery process will take time. Machines have been taken off-site for restoration and storage. Now the cleanup begins.

Sky Squadron

Spunge Games alumni James Bowling and Michael Thompson are working on their new mobile title Sky Squadron.

Said to be a mix of Star Fox and Crimson Skies, Sky Squadron is a 3D rail shooter (with delightful cat-based puns based on their beta sign up form). 

The world needs more Bubsy humour.

Fluffy Knuckleduster Goes Out On Top

After publishing 6 titles, Alex & Nathan from Fluffy Knuckleduster have decided to call it a day, citing external opportunities. Their brand of humour and colourful games will be missed.

WellPlayed Project

On Mother’s Day at Netherworld an event was held as part of a larger project looking at the social interactions of gamers and how best to help match them together to play online.

The survey data of this first event has been released with some interesting findings. While the two matching criteria were playstyle and interests outside of video games, it seems the fact that a person plays games proved to be the most important factor as initial matching based on playstyles was the preferred way to go among event attendees.

The WellPlayed Project is building towards a matchmaking system that gamers need. You can head to their website to find out more.

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