Local Gaming News for October, 2018

From the Editor

This issue of Brisbane Byte is a special one because it marks the two year anniversary of this publication’s inception back in 2016. Originally planned as being an email newsletter every few months, it has now grown into a monthly magazine which is printed and distributed to dozens of locations around the state.

I couldn’t be prouder.

I’ve been welcomed by the game dev community, had opportunities I never would have had otherwise, and met numerous people I now call friends.

The most interesting thing to me is what happens when I meet someone within the local community for the first time. It’s gone from “Hi, I’m from Brisbane Byte” *crickets chirping* to now often being greeted by a wry smile and a story about where they first saw the magazine. It gives me the warm and fuzzies, and it’s all thanks to you.

Infinity Heroes Kickstarter Goes Live

From the folks at Lightmare Studios that brought you Infinity Wars comes the spiritual successor Infinity Heroes.

Check out their kickstarter for more info.


Think of the Children Hits Consoles

What started as a 48 hour game jam project can now be played on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Super Drop Landroid

One of the titles coming out of Screen Queensland’s sqhub is Super Drop Land by Lamington Games, which is now available for free on Android. Go play it!

Snappy Word Update

The word puzzle game Snappy Word by Red Sprite Studios is receiving a huge update with a new mode that promises to shake things up!

Damsel’s Full Release

It’s been in Steam early access for the majority of the year, and now after numerous updates Damsel will be officially launching on October 19th.

Fortnite Tournament

XP eSports Queensland sure knows how to throw an awesome video game tournament. Starting in late August and running for 3 weeks, the tournament concluded with the winners taking home a share of $1600 in prize money.

Esports No BS Tour

Ministry of Sports organised an East coast eSports crash course last month, breaking down all the facts and figures for Australian brands and businesses who might be interested in supporting the industry.

It’s thought that Australia is 3-5 years behind eSports in the U.S. so this tour came at the right time for people still looking to get in in the early phases.

The talk was very educational and reportedly drew interest from several sporting bodies on the back of the AFL’s acquisition of Legacy and Abyss last year. Watch this space.

Pincadia Re-Opening

It was heartwarming to see Pincadia hold a closed door pinball competition last month as they recover from the kitchen fire that threatened to put them out of business back in June. We hope to see them re-open their doors soon.

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