Into The Netherworld - By Ben Nichols


It’s been an eventful few months since we first opened in early January in which we’ve been able to pack in pinball competitions, live music, high score events, RPG adventures and a strong rotation of machines.

The Brisbane community has responded really enthusiastically to Netherworld and we’ve got some strong ideas we’ll be leaning into over the next year.

So far our highlights have been having all of Australia’s Donkey Kong kill screen champions in the same room for the first time to battle it out, with one of them ending up getting the 2nd highest score ever recorded on Galaga.

Our event ‘To The Tavern, we quest for XP’ was a ball of a night, where we turned the whole bar into a real life RPG where 200 punters were given quests by NPC’s to fulfil throughout the venue in exchange for loot.

We recently held an event called ‘Death By Pinball’ which was an 18 hour pinball marathon in which players flew in from all over the east coast. Surprisingly almost every combatant made it through to the end.

We’re settling into the creature that Netherworld will continue to be, which will be an events heavy, inclusive and accessible venue that just happens to celebrate a variety and extensive history of gaming.

This was first published in the May 2017 issue of Brisbane Byte magazine. Subscribe below to get future issues delivered straight to your inbox.