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Pictured below is Jack Crnjanin who you may know as one of the faces of New Games Plus, from various YouTube videos spanning the better part of a decade, or as one of the hosts of Brisbane’s own Zed Games on 4ZZZ.

I had the chance to sit down with Jack and pick his brain about the industry in general and how he sees it from his perspective. Being in the media and having a background in marketing provides Jack with a different angle to look at things compared to what we normally hear from developers.

It was apparent from the moment we started talking that Jack was very enthusiastic about the topic. He also came across as a very focused and ambitious individual, an opinion he dismissed with a laugh.

We spoke about how the media presence within the games industry in Brisbane is incredibly small. In this very niche area it’s estimated that only one or two dozen people in total occupy the space (this publication included). Compared to Sydney who has Kotaku and the juggernaut that is Melbourne, Brisbane simply doesn’t measure up.

“Things are getting better, but they could be getting better faster. Why aren’t they?”
— Jack Crnjanin, 4ZZZ

2017 has been a monumental year for the Queensland games industry with Hand of Fate 2, Forts, Hacknet, and Defiant Development’s Kim Allom winning trophies at the recent Australian Game Developer Awards. Without a local presence however, it can be difficult to get the national and international media hype building unless you’re already an established name. 

Jack and I also broached the idea of government funding in Brisbane. Enter Screen Queensland, the government agency who’s purpose is to grow the screen industry in this state. Last year they held a panel with some of the state’s biggest names in the games industry to field questions and ideas they might have moving forward. Since then they have followed through with perhaps half of what was spoken about, which is by no means a small feat but it could be more.

The growth of digital games in QLD benefits everyone involved, from investors to creators to consumers. The multi-billion dollar industry is only going to grow in the coming years as screens are used more and more. I would love to see QLD be a big part of that and I know Jack would too.


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EditorialScott Beeby